How to do a detox cure?

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To prolong the benefits acquired during the summer and prepare for the winter, to make a transition between the seasons that everything opposes, detoxification is necessary. This cure will help your body to be more resistant to viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

Excess food, preservatives in the diet, drug poisoning, pollution, stress carry more toxins than our emunctories can eliminate and this accumulation gradually disrupts physiological functions. Buttons, eczema, colds, sinusitis, intestinal problems... would reflect the overload that hinders our body to get rid of the waste that clogs it. Hence the interest of promoting digestive elimination by a cure of up to 30 days so that everything returns to normal.  Detoxification influences the overall health status and improves well-being, and also enhances the effectiveness of the product (food supplement).






Favour easy-to-digest foods, in other words, foods that won’t overload eliminating organs such as the liver. Hence, all fatty foods such as sauces, dairy, desserts and candies, caffeine, alcohol, sodas, etc. are to be avoided. Moreover, hearty meals should be replaced by more frequent, smaller meals.

Choose fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, sprouts, vegetable broths and fibre-rich foods in order to support the body’s natural detox functions. Foods that favour a proper bile secretion such as black radish, artichokes, turmeric, rosemary, celery, etc. will be advantageously added to the diet.



Water remains the best beverage during a detox program. It is crucial to drink plenty of water every day to support toxin elimination. Fruit and vegetable juices can also help with cleansing. Fruit-rich smoothies (blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc.) boost the antioxidant power of the body to support toxin neutralisation, while carrot, beet, celery and parsley juices will support liver, kidney, lymph and blood detox. Peppermint, lemon balm, ginger herbal teas or the addition of fresh lemon to beverage will facilitate digestion.


Physical exercise

Physical activity will speed up the detox process. Practicing regular cardio exercises during a detox program helps elimination of toxins through sweat glands.


Basic advice

Smoking is an incredible source of toxins and noxious compounds for the body. Avoid smoking or being exposed to second-hand smoke during a detox program.






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