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The BIO-Vega Advantage

Our products are made of 100% active substances

We at BIO-Vega believe that you should get what you pay for. Our products are therefore composed of 100% active substances. In short, you only get ingredients that actually perform the function you need and ingredients that improve your body's ability to absorb them faster and more efficiently. Because of this, BIO-Vega's products are 10 to 50 times more concentrated then any other known product on the market.

Safety first

At BIO-Vega, we believe in safety above all. All out products are manufactured right here in Canada and have received the "Good Manufacturing Practice " Seal of approval. As well, our manufacturing process is monitored and certified by Santé Canada. We also guarantee you that none of our products contain any GMOs or pesticides. Our final guarantee of quality and safety is under the cap. Every product comes with a safety seal that guarantees the product is exactly the same as when it left our lab. For more information, please refer to the Manufacturing section.

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