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detoxification cure

In the past, the passing of the seasons was the best time to purify the body and eliminate the waste accumulated in our body during the winter period. To do this, our ancestors had the reflex of using plants that grew at that time of year in the garden such as dandelions, fumitory... Today, excess food, urban pollution and rural areas are increasingly causing the body to become clogged with toxins. The detoxification of our body has its place all year round to help it strengthen its immune defences.
Use these famous "household plants" and improve your general well-being with an effective and beneficial detoxification cure.

  • Hepato-Detox


    Promotes liver health.


    Today, many proponents of herbal medicine suggest using herbs to enhance the health of your liver, an organ responsible for clearing toxins from your body.

    BIO-Vega’s HEPATO-DETOX capsules are carefully formulated by combining four (4) ingredients (the artichoke, the boldo, the dandelion and the milk thistle) in order to attain maximum efficacy.

  • Rena-Detox


    Mild diuretic.


    Most often, the term diuretic is used to refer to supplements whose role is to increase urinary secretion. They may be recommended to treat high blood pressure, heart failure, some edema, portal hypertension…

    BIO-Vega’s RENA-DETOX capsules are primarily composed of cherry stems.