Research and development


BIO-Vega, is proud of its dynamic and competent team ensuring the quality of manufactured products. The activities are controlled through standard operating procedures. All production steps are verified, ensuring compliance and product integrity. Our customers can be assured that the products they receive are of the highest quality, result of work carried out carefully by all members of our team. 

We are always up to date with the latest scientific developments and research. When a scientific trend emerges, we study what eminent specialists in that field are saying about it. If there is a significant convergence of opinions among the experts about the benefits of a particular active ingredient and its safety can be fully guaranteed, the BIO-Vega team then decide to launch research into active principle content, dosage, packaging and retail.


Our products undergo testing for:



To identify an ingredient is to ensure that the ingredient matches the species it is claimed to be; for example, this is borage oil seed and no other seed. Our testing always ensures that the ingredient matches the label.



To confirm the potency of an ingredient is to ensure the ingredient is at the strength it is claimed to be; for example, grape seed will keep, contain, and meet the 95% proanthocyanidins label claim.



Some products can go rancid with time. Our oxidation testing absolutely ensures our products maintain the highest levels of quality and freshness, as well as the lowest level of peroxide, all the way through to expiration.



Capsules, softgels, and tablets must dissolve in the stomach; on the other hand, enteric-coated capsules, such as those of Acidophilus Ultra, must only dissolve in the intestines. Our disintegration testing mimics the human digestive system to ensure all products dissolve at the right place and at the right time.


Liquid products

Liquid products are easily processed and absorbed by the body. BIO-Vega adds a few mg of cellulose, magnesium stearate or other similar agents to its tablets and capsules to maximize absorbtion of the active ingredients by the body.



To establish the purity of an ingredient is to test for freedom from contaminants. These contaminants include: 
- Heavy Metals
- Over 80 different pesticides, total PCBs, Solvent residues
- Aflatxins, Mycotoxins, Dioxins, Microbial contamination