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Tonus and vitality

tonus, vitality

Decreased vitality, lack of energy, excessive fatigue? All these signs can indicate a nutrient deficiency but also various imbalances. From plants, our selection of organic and natural food supplements includes everything you need to help you regain tone and vitality.

  • Regu-Bile


    Helps increase bile flow.


    The role of bile is to cause the emulsion of dietary fat, so that the latter can be absorbed through the intestinal mucosa and pass into the bloodstream.

    BIO-Vega’s REGU-BILE capsules are primarily composed of dandelion.

  • Toni-Chloro


    Boosts the immune system.


    Boosting your immune system is one of the best ways to protect yourself from diseases, including colds, flu and more serious conditions!

    BIO-Vega’s TONI-CHLORO capsules are primarily composed of chlorophyll.