The quality of the finished product depends on the quality of the raw materials, innovative design, testing and packaging that adhere to pharmaceutical industry requirements, the safety of the ingredients and active principle content. By monitoring these aspects, BIO-Vega guarantees its customers the very best quality.

As a retailer of natural health products, quality is one of BIO-Vega's most important commitments. We hold certifications that guarantee our products' compliance with the highest quality standards.


The raw materials

We have always ensured the traceability of the raw materials we use, which are sourced from all five continents. Through collaboration with our specialist partners and experts in pharmacology, chemistry, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, diet and nutrition, we can source only the best active ingredients on the market, prioritizing effectiveness over cost.


Testing and Safety

The companies we work with for transporting and packaging raw materials are leaders in their field. They carry out their own quality testing of the active principles at independent laboratories. Following these tests, BIO-Vega then conducts its own analysis of the finished product through independent laboratories.

The container must ensure that the active principles remain fully effective for the period indicated on the packaging. However, for an extra level of certainty, we undertake further testing at independent laboratories after the product has been packaged. If, in exceptional cases, a product is found to contain the slightest defect, the whole batch is removed. Such occurrences are extremely rare, as companies that adhere to the pharmaceutical industry’s stringent requirements carry out the packaging process.

The safety of the active principles is guaranteed at the doses indicated in the information on our website and on the product's labels and containers. However, BIO-Vega systematically withdraws any risk products. The testing certificates issued by independent laboratories validate the exact content of the products, along with extract purity and shelf life.