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The body's functioning produces waste, to which are added the toxic effects of air and food pollution. Tobacco and alcohol further increase this toxic load. The elimination of all these wastes is normally done by the "emunctory" organs: liver, kidneys, colon, lung, skin. So never forget to drink enough and regularly during the day and accompany your detox with diuretic plants that will allow a better elimination of the water in which the waste is dissolved.

  • Regu-Bile


    Helps increase bile flow.


    The role of bile is to cause the emulsion of dietary fat, so that the latter can be absorbed through the intestinal mucosa and pass into the bloodstream.

    BIO-Vega’s REGU-BILE capsules are primarily composed of dandelion.

  • Rena-Detox


    Mild diuretic.


    Most often, the term diuretic is used to refer to supplements whose role is to increase urinary secretion. They may be recommended to treat high blood pressure, heart failure, some edema, portal hypertension…

    BIO-Vega’s RENA-DETOX capsules are primarily composed of cherry stems.