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The liver is an essential organ of the human body. It is at the crossroads of all our metabolisms, and also plays an essential role in the destruction and elimination of a large number of toxic substances. But this extremely complicated chemical plant is relatively fragile, and its performance is frequently affected by multiple factors, without visibly disrupting biological examinations. Fortunately, it is possible to clean it. Learn how!

  • Hepato-Detox


    Promotes liver health.


    Today, many proponents of herbal medicine suggest using herbs to enhance the health of your liver, an organ responsible for clearing toxins from your body.

    BIO-Vega’s HEPATO-DETOX capsules are carefully formulated by combining four (4) ingredients (the artichoke, the boldo, the dandelion and the milk thistle) in order to attain maximum efficacy.

  • Regu-Bile


    Helps increase bile flow.


    The role of bile is to cause the emulsion of dietary fat, so that the latter can be absorbed through the intestinal mucosa and pass into the bloodstream.

    BIO-Vega’s REGU-BILE capsules are primarily composed of dandelion.