Detoxifying kidneys in a simple and natural manner!

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The kidneys concentrate important functions of elimination of our organism and it is thanks to them that we can evacuate the waste of the metabolism. However, if this waste becomes too numerous, the kidneys work and the whole health is undermined. Learn how to avoid it with our natural program to detoxify the kidneys.

The kidneys, in the form of beans and two in number, are located under the floating ribs. By filtering the blood, the kidneys make it possible to eliminate the waste which it contains, the whole notably by regulating the arterial tension.

This waste is treated by the kidneys in the form of waste crystals which, soluble in water, will be eliminated through the urine. It is estimated that the entire blood of the human body is filtered 60 times a day by the kidneys, for a daily urine removal of one liter to a liter and a half.

Kidneys, natural organs of detoxification, need support.
You already know that, but when we talk about having "kidney problems" we mean that we have pain in the lower back. In fact, the kidneys only rarely hurt, except in the case of kidney stones. Kidney stones are accumulations of crystals that have become so big that they cause severe pain.

Your kidneys will not make you suffer, however, until you reach this very advanced and worrying stage, which means that you must take care of it before you get there! Indeed, it is estimated that more than three million people in France suffer from kidney failure to a more or less advanced degree without knowing it. There is an urgent need to deal with it.



As the waste that is being removed by the kidneys is washed out with water in our urine, you hydrate it sufficiently and in the right way is the first thing you need to do to help your kidneys. Here are the habits you need to adopt:

Drink enough: The majority of specialists agree that you should drink between 1 and 1.5 liters of water a day. This corresponds to a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. This amount is amply sufficient to meet normal metabolic needs and allow the kidneys to drain the body and drain themselves. However, if you have a tendency to develop urinary tract infections or kidney stones, you will need to go to 2 liters of water a day or more to better support your kidneys.

Drink the good waters: Drinking a lot will be of great help to you, but it is also necessary to drink the good waters since drinking too much of certain waters will be counterproductive to unclog your kidneys. In fact the waters too salty or too mineralized will increase the work of the kidneys rather than facilitate it and their substances may even settle in the precious organs. Therefore promote waters with a lower mineral content and limit as much as possible the salt and mineral content of what you eat.

Getting hydrated is absolutely essential to our health, and your kidneys will thank you for this attention by providing you with better health!



There are a number of natural aids to detoxify and drain the kidneys. Of course we want to talk about plants known for their protective and regulating effects on the kidneys and the urinary system, among which you can find:



Famous for its urticating ability, nettle is also known as velvety or salad. This is a first way to take advantage of its diuretic, and therefore draining virtues for the kidneys. 



Despite its reputation as a weed, dandelion is a natural treasure for the kidneys and bladder. He also has very interesting diuretic abilities that allow to unclog the kidneys in a natural way.



Allied to the kidneys and bladder, Goldenrod helps preserve urinary function and support the elimination of toxins in the body. Its antioxidant capabilities also make it a protective kidney.



A true detox plant, the artichoke helps relieve the emunctories that are the liver and kidneys to cleanse the body deeply.



As a protector of the lower urinary tract, bearberry helps to protect the kidneys and bladder against urinary tract infections and to help them function properly, especially when combined with Echinacea purpurea.
These tips should help you drain, detoxify and purify your kidneys, all for better health in general! You now know what you have to do.







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