The liver: an essential organ of the human body

It has many vital functions and its health can be compromised by our environment and way of life. Fortunately, it is possible to detoxify it. Learn how!

Representing 2% of the mass of an adult human being, the liver is our largest internal organ. This importance is also reflected in its absolutely vital functions. You probably already know that it helps us eliminate alcohol, and that it produces the bile essential for digestion, but its functions do not stop there! The liver metabolizes the carbohydrates, fats and proteins that our body needs, while storing and redistributing the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. It is one of the body's main emunctory organs, which means that it is used to eliminate toxins from the body.



Because, for all the reasons just mentioned, it is an absolutely essential organ of the human body! And because, even more than our other organs, it is in the front line when our bodies are invaded by toxins.

Result: if the liver reaches saturation, it can be damaged to the point of endangering your health. A diet that is too rich, full of chemicals, and especially alcohol, are the number one enemy of the liver. When consumed in large quantities and on a regular basis, they will attack the liver and make it much less effective in its tasks. This will affect your overall health.



The case becomes more complicated because the liver, unlike other organs, does not show clear symptoms in case of damage. For example, fibrosis, cirrhosis and steatosis that can attack the liver usually do so undeclared until an advanced stage, and they are more numerous than one might think.

Indeed, "soda disease", non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis, affects nearly 6 million people in France, their livers being overloaded with sugars and damaged by them. In general, unusual fatigue, accompanied by degraded skin health and nausea, may be a symptom of liver weakness.

Similarly, any time you consume a lot of rich food and alcohol, such as during the Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations, can put a strain on your liver. These are important signals that tell you that your liver needs support. And these supports will have to take the form of a detox cure that will purify your liver while laying the foundations for a healthier diet to maintain the benefits of detoxification.



The solutions to detoxify the liver are simple, and pass unsurprisingly through the diet. Here are the rules to follow for your liver detox:

No alcohol: as you probably already know, alcohol is probably the most harmful thing in the world to our liver. Regular and excessive consumption leads to fibrosis and, in the long term, cirrhosis. Consumption is therefore limited or even completely excluded.

Drastically reduce sugar consumption: sugars, whether absorbed as drinks or pastries, will be stored by the liver until they cause the non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis mentioned above. To avoid this, sugar consumption is strongly limited.

Drinking plenty of water: drinking plenty of water or consuming foods that are largely composed of water (soups, infusions) helps to eliminate toxins, especially through the liver, which eliminates harmful substances more easily with good hydration.

Eating black radish, artichoke and turmeric: a number of foods can stimulate liver health and bile production. This is particularly the case for black radish, artichoke and turmeric. These foods therefore have the ability to support the liver and help it in its main functions, all to better detoxify it.

Drinking black carrot juice: black carrot in the form of organic juice is particularly rich in antioxidants thanks to its high content of anthocyanins that will protect the liver. It is also combined with important detoxifying capacities that will help to drain the liver.

Lemon Cure: lemon also has the ability to support the liver, stimulating bile production and supporting the elimination of fat from the liver. To enjoy its benefits, drink the juice of an organic lemon every day for 21 days in warm water. Repeat this treatment when necessary.

Herbal aids: some plants also have the ability to help the liver system in its functions and support its purification. This is particularly the case of artichoke, milkthistle or dandelion.



The liver is an absolutely essential organ that performs its many tasks without being noticed until it is overwhelmed and damaged. You shouldn't wait until you reach this stage to do your detox. Know that a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet are essential assets to preserve your health, and that of your liver!




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