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  • Regu-Thyroida


    Helps thyroid gland.


    People with thyroid conditions have a problem with time. If I feel that the weather is going too fast, that everything is going too fast, that I am suffocated by my life, I risk hyperthyroidism. On the contrary, if I feel that time is running out too slowly, if I have a tendency to resignation or a victim attitude to events, I risk hypothyroidism.

    BIO-Vega’s REGU-THYROÏDA capsules are primarily composed of Bladderwrack.

  • Regu-Tensio


    check.png Chlorophyll helps lower blood pressure by promoting blood circulation and thinning the blood thanks to its oxygen supply.

    check.png Our chlorophyll is alkalizing and regenerates the blood.

    check.png Our magnesium chlorophyll is of natural origin. It is mainly obtained from alfalfa.

    check.png Our Medicago sativa extract is a 20: 1 concentrated extract. This means that to produce a single 450 mg capsule, 5000 mg of alfalfa powder was used. It is therefore a highly concentrated and titrated extract!

    Pill box of 90 capsules

  • Vari-Prev


    Helps relieve venous insufficiency.


    Circulatory disorders, heavy legs, varicose veins, hemorrhoids... behind these symptoms, which are most often painful, there is a real pathology: venous insufficiency.

    BIO-Vega’s VARI-PREV capsules are primarily composed of red vine.

  • Hepato-Detox


    Promotes liver health.


    Today, many proponents of herbal medicine suggest using herbs to enhance the health of your liver, an organ responsible for clearing toxins from your body.

    BIO-Vega’s HEPATO-DETOX capsules are carefully formulated by combining four (4) ingredients (the artichoke, the boldo, the dandelion and the milk thistle) in order to attain maximum efficacy.

  • Valeriana


    Helps sleeping.


    Sleep takes up a third of our lives! Essential for the recovery of our physical and mental strengths, it is essential to a good quality of life. Knowing how to identify the causes of sleep disorders will help you to adopt the right behaviour and reduce discomfort.

    BIO-Vega’s VALERIANA capsules are primarily composed of valerian.

  • Regu-Stomach


    check.png Aid digestion and help relive stomach acid and heartburn.

    check.png Fenugreek is known for its anti-ulcer and appetite stimulating effects

    check.png Our Fenugreek extract is a 20: 1 concentrated extract. In other words, in order to produce a single 150 mg capsule, 3000 mg of fenugreek seed powder is used. It is therefore a highly concentrated and titrated extract!

    Pill box of 180 capsules.

  • Regu-Thyroida cure :...

    €153.60 €192.00 -20%

    The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland at the base of the neck. She is considered as the gendarme of our body regulation. When it goes wrong, the whole body suffers the consequences. Phytotherapy can help to gently counter its dysfunction.

    However, before starting a Regu-Thyroida cure, it is essential to start by eliminating the toxins accumulated by the body and to optimize digestion with Hepato-Detox. This will improve the assimilation of phytonutrients, save energy and limit intestinal inflammation... to finally regain its vitality.

  • Regu-Chol


    check.png Dandelion helps limit the effect of fats or lipids in the body and helps preserve normal cholesterol levels.

    check. png REGU-CHOL replaces 100% of the active ingredients of the dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) thanks to the know-how of BIO-Vega.

    check.png Our Taraxacum officinale extract is a 10:1 concentrated extract. This means that to produce a single 325mg capsule, 3250mg of dandelion root powder has been used. This is therefore a highly concentrated and titrated extract!

    - Pillbox of 90 capsules.

  • Cure of Curcumina: 20%...

    €128.00 €160.00 -20%

    Most of the pain we feel is due to a malfunctioning digestive system. Indeed, when the body is clogged with toxins, the body reacts. It burns waste either by fever or it seeks to eliminate it by emonctory (liver, kidneys, intestines...). More significant problems arise when these natural exit doors are not sufficient. Then the body creates new ones: in rheumatism, this will result in joints that become inflamed and blocked due to the production of acids or deformed by the presence of "crystals".
    It is therefore important to empty our metabolic overflow using Hepato-detox to free the body from stored waste and toxins. The Curcumina cure that will follow will only be all the more beneficial.