VARI-PREV<br> <soustitrejf><b>Helps relieve venous insufficiency</soustitrejf></b>
VARI-PREV<br> <soustitrejf><b>Helps relieve venous insufficiency</soustitrejf></b>
VARI-PREV<br> <soustitrejf><b>Helps relieve venous insufficiency</soustitrejf></b>

Helps relieve venous insufficiency

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BIO-Vega’s VARI-PREV capsules are primarily composed of red vine for which modern science has authenticated the many therapeutic benefits of red vine, especially in the area of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) such as sensation of swelling, heaviness and tingling of the legs.



Anti-edematous Anti-inflammatory
Antioxidant Antimicrobial
Detoxifying Diuretic
Astringent Homeostatic


Grape seeds extract (Vitis vinifera, Seed) : 150 mg (80  % Oligomeric proanthocyanidins, 50:1, QCE* 7 500 mg)
Vine (Vitis vinifera, Leaf) : 250 mg
* Equivalent quantity to 7 500 mg


Cellulose, magnesium stearate and gelatin

Non-medicinal ingredients are added to increase the bioavailability (absorption by the digestive system) of the active ingredients.


Adults : take 1 capsule, once daily (provides a dose equivalent to 7 500 mg of Vitis vinifera).
Use for a minimum of one month to see beneficial effects.


Dosage form 90 capsules
Recommended route of administration Oral
NPN # 80041320

Consult a health care professional  :

  • prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • for use beyond three months.
  • if symptoms worsen.


Hypersensitivity (e.g. allergy) has been known to occur ; in whichcase discontinue use.



If all wines are not born equal, the same goes for phytotherapy products. Thus, BIO-Vega products are distinguished by :

  • The care with which raw materials are selected.
  • The wide variety of plants and natural substances used in the compositions.
  • The extraction methods which isolate the plant’s sought properties, increase their concentration and thus ensure a maximum efficiency of the products.
But above all, the great distinction of BIO-Vega products lies in the exclusivity of its recipes strongly influenced by the ancient traditions of Chinese as well as Oriental medicine, and in the variety and finesse of the methods of extraction of the active elements of plants and natural substances.


Good Manufacturing Practices
Our production processes comply with Health Canada’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Guidelines.


RED VINE (Vitis vinifera)

The red vine presumably originated in Western Asia, more specifically from the area between the Caspian Sea and Asia Minor, where its cultivation is believed to have begun, then spreading its way West, towards Europe, and eventually making its way around the world. Knowledge of the medicinal value of red vine dates back to the ancient Romans, who made extensive use of the various parts of the vine in their treatments. Today, modern science has authenticated the many therapeutic benefits of red vine, especially in the area of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).
Many studies have focused on the vine in recent decades, particularly the polyphenols in grapes. It contains indeed resveratrol, OPC (Oligo proanthocyanidins) and flavonoids such as quercetin. It has been shown since the 80s, when studies in France, the OPC could relieve symptoms of varicose veins and venous shortcomings.
More recently, grape leaf extracts showed similar results. A trial has assessed that the daily intake of 360 mg of extract for a period of twelve weeks induces reduction of edema and swelling of the legs in people suffering from chronic venous insufficiency.
However, the composition of vine leaves can vary widely and affect the content of active compounds. In 2008, more than a hundred samples were analyzed in a study and showed that the grape leaves contain, on average, 0.6 % to 3.5 % of flavones, 0.25 to 1.45 % anthocyanins, and 4.6 % 18.9 % polyphenols. This is why the VARI-PREV capsules BIO-VEGA integrate 150 mg of an extract standardized to 80 % OPC (from 50:1, QCE* 7 500 mg) to ensure an optimal supply of active compounds.

* Equivalent quantity to 7 500 mg.