Helps relieve venous Insufficiency

BIO-Vega’s VARI-PREV capsules are primarily composed of red vine for which modern science has authenticated the many therapeutic benefits of red vine, especially in the area of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) such as sensation of swelling, heaviness and tingling of the legs.


Dosage form : 90 capsules
Recommended route of administration : Oral
NPN : # 80041320

Grape seeds extract (Vitis vinifera, Seed) : 150 mg (80 % Oligomeric proanthocyanidins, 50:1, QCE* 7 500 mg)
Vine (Vitis vinifera, Leaf) : 250 mg
* Equivalent quantity to 7 500 mg

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We guarantee our natural health products made in Canada and contain NO GMOs and NO Pesticides. Our production processes comply with Health Canada’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Guidelines.


Anti-edematous Anti-inflammatory
Antioxidant Antimicrobial
Astringent Homeostatic


• Venous insufficiency - Hemorrhoids

s due to the presence of various blood vessel protective nutrients naturally present in the leaves. Anthocyanins are extremely vitamin-dense and metabolically active, and help combat venous insufficiency and capillary fragility, by increasing blood vessel resistance and decreasing permeability. Further, tannins help promote muscle cell wall contraction within blood vessels, thus facilitating the return of accumulated blood in the lower limbs to the heart. Finally, the presence of proanthocyanidins in the leaves allows for free-radical scavenging action and stabilization of the collagen present in the vessel membranes. As such, red vine leaf extract helps to tone veins, and is of great value in the treatment of heavy legs, varicose veins, rosacea, capillary fragility and can also help relieve the pain and swelling of hemorrhoids.

• Vascular protection - Cardiovascular health

A growing number of studies suggest that the polyphenols in red vine exert a beneficial effect on several risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Chiefly, they can improve blood lipid composition, including reducing "bad cholesterol" (LDL) levels, inhibit blood platelet aggregation, lower blood pressure and reduce oxidative stress in the body. In addition, red vine leaf extract both strengthens the vein wall, as well as improves its ability to expand and contract. As such, supplementing with red vine leaf extract may be of great benefit to supporting blood circulation, lowering/controlling blood pressure and protecting overall cardiovascular health.

• Cutaneous microcirculation - oedema

A double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study published in the March 2004 issue of the journal Drugs in R & D examined the effects of red vine leaf extract on cutaneous microcirculation, transcutanous oxygen pressure, and leg edema in men and women with chronic venous insufficiency. Venous insufficiency, a medical condition in which the veins have trouble pumping blood back to the heart, is often characterized by the presence of varicose veins, spider veins, or chronic leg swelling. The results obtained were extremely promising : after the six-week trial period, patients who received red vine leaf extract showed improved microvascular blood flow, improved oxygen levels, and a decrease in leg circumference.



If all wines are not born equal, the same goes for phytotherapy products. Thus, BIO-Vega products are distinguished by :
  • The care with which raw materials are selected.
  • The wide variety of plants and natural substances used in the compositions.
  • The extraction methods are inspired by both traditional methods and spagyric methods based on alchemical principles in order to extract the full therapeutic potential of plants. In fact, the substances extracted from the plants are first separated, treated and then combined again to provide an essence containing all the curative elements of the plant, including the trace elements while preserving the whole life force of the plant.
But above all, the great distinction of BIO-Vega products lies in the exclusivity of its recipes strongly influenced by the ancient traditions of Chinese as well as Oriental medicine, and in the variety and finesse of the methods of extraction of the active elements of plants and natural substances.



Red vine
The red vine presumably originated in Western Asia, more specifically from the area between the Caspian Sea and Asia Minor, where its cultivation is believed to have begun, then spreading its way West, towards Europe, and eventually making its way around the world. Knowledge of the medicinal value of red vine dates back to the ancient Romans, who made extensive use of the various parts of the vine in their treatments. Today, modern science has authenticated the many therapeutic benefits of red vine, especially in the area of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).
Grape seed extract and red vine leaf extract both come from the vines of Vitis vinifera and contain a wide variety of potent, medicinally active nutrients. In fact, in addition to the resveratrol, red vine also provides anthocyanins and a broad range of other protective polyphenols. Further, red vine leaves also supply a considerable amount of omega-3 fatty acids - actually, about 2 % of the leaves is fat, a surprisingly large amount for a green vegetable, and a substantial share of that fat is in the form of omega-3. Grape seed extract meanwhile, provides antioxidant protection far superior to that of most other traditional antioxidants such as vitamins C, E and ß-carotene.
From a therapeutic perspective, red vine is known to help strengthen blood vessels and reduce or control inflammation. In effect, red vine has been clinically proven to relieve the pain, swelling and edema associated with varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency, as well as treat spider veins, joint stiffness and soreness, and encourage cellular repair.
In Europe, red vine leaf extract has undergone copious testing and research to confirm its therapeutic benefits and these benefits have been confirmed in the treatment of venous insufficiency. As such, today, red vine leaf extract is the most commonly used treatment for CVI in France and the U.K., and is a registered over-the-counter medication in many European countries.
Like grape seed extract, red vine leaf extract also contains powerful antioxidant properties, and in combination, they offer profound protection from cellular damage as well as greatly enhance immune system function. Finally, red vine has potent, scientifically demonstrated antimicrobial activity against a number of organisms: Escherichia coli, and Salmonella Infantis, Stapylococcus aureus, Bacillus cereus and Campylobacter jejuni.
Other uses for red vine include the treatment of symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, etc.


Red vine may be combined with several other plants and supplements that support microcirculation. In combination, they will work synergistically for enhanced results. Circulation can be stimulated and reinforced by the  addition of such as: garlic, hawthorn, black currant, witch hazel, horse chestnut and holly, as well as vitamin C, niacin (B3) and magnesium.


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