Helps thyroid gland

BIO-Vega’s REGU-THYROÏDA capsules are primarily composed of Bladderwrack, a brown algae commonly found in the North Sea, Baltic Sea, English Channel, and Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It contains many active ingredients, particularly iodine which help with the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.


Dosage form : 90 capsules
Recommended route of administration : Oral
NPN : # 80001245

Iodine (from Fucus vesiculosus)     127 µg

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Adaptagen Anti-inflammatory Metabolic stimulant
Anti-arthritic Anti-obesic Nourishing
Anticoagulant Antirheumatic Nutritive
Anti-hypothyroid Demulcent Thyroid tonic
Antifungal Hypoglycemic Thyroactive


• Arthritis - Rheumatism

Bladderwrack is often used to control inflammation and joint pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis. The seaweed in fact contains certain chemical compounds such as fucoidan, carotene, bromine, and mannitol that are all vital nutrients for bone and joint health. Indeed considerable research has been done on the subject and studies have consistently suggested that bladderwrack may provide very real benefits, including control of pain and inflammation. In 2010 in fact, phase I and II patient trials out of Australia, showed that a Fucus vesiculosis extract was able to reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis by up to fifty-two percent.

Skin health

Bladderwrack has been shown to offer made benefits to skin health, in both oral and topical application. The mucopolysaccharides present in the seaweed are thought to inhibit the skin enzymes elastase and collagenase from breaking down the skin structure. Indeed, bladderwrack has scientifically shown to increase skin elasticity and reverse signs of aging, as such it is becoming increasingly popular as a natural anti-aging ingredient in skin care products. It is used in anti-aging moisturizers to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It is also of considerable value to help calm eczema and prevent acne breakouts, as well as to relieve severely irritated skin.

Thyroid health - Lymphadenoid goitre

Bladderwrack is rich in iodine, making it of particular value for thyroid health. Indeed, iodine is essential to normal healthy thyroid function and is a building block for thyroid hormones. The thyroid gland actively absorbs iodine, combining it with tyrosine, in enzymatic reactions to synthesize thyroxine and triodothyronine. Small doses of iodine have shown to stimulate thyroid function and induce the iodinase and thyroxine synthesis enzymes. The influence of bladderwrack as a thyroid support, is strongly based on the pharmacological actions of iodine in the body and an overall in increase in metabolic function.

Weight management - Obesity

When obesity is a direct result of thyroid dysfunction and slowed metabolism, bladderwrack may be of considerable use in weight control by boosting the thyroid's metabolism, in essence, the rate at which the body uses energy and, consequently, decreasing fat deposits. In addition, scientific research has suggested that bladderwrack may also be effective at reducing cellulite deposits.



If all wines are not born equal, the same goes for phytotherapy products. Thus, BIO-Vega products are distinguished by :
  • The care with which raw materials are selected.
  • The wide variety of plants and natural substances used in the compositions.
  • The extraction methods are inspired by both traditional methods and spagyric methods based on alchemical principles in order to extract the full therapeutic potential of plants. In fact, the substances extracted from the plants are first separated, treated and then combined again to provide an essence containing all the curative elements of the plant, including the trace elements while preserving the whole life force of the plant.
But above all, the great distinction of BIO-Vega products lies in the exclusivity of its recipes strongly influenced by the ancient traditions of Chinese as well as Oriental medicine, and in the variety and finesse of the methods of extraction of the active elements of plants and natural substances.



• Bladderwrack, or Fucus vesiculosus

Bladderwrack, or Fucus vesiculosus, is a common brown seaweed found on the Atlantic shores of Europe, Northern Russia, the Baltic Sea, Greenland, Azores, Canary Islands, Morocco and Madeira. It is also fairly common on the Atlantic coast of North America from Ellesmere Island and Hudson Bay, all the way to North Carolina. The main stem of bladderwrack, known as the thallus, is what is used medicinally. The thallus, having tough, air-filled pods or bladders to help the algae float, are what gave rise to its very distinctive name.
Bladderwrack is an extremely nutrient dense Super Food, containing more iodine than any other seaweed:  indeed 50 grams of bladderwrack contain more than 100% of our recommended daily intake! Moreover, the organic iodine present in bladderwrack is in a form which is far more easily assimilated than the inorganic form found in iodized salt and other iodine-enriched products. Bladderwrack is also rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, bromine, sodium, sulfur, silicon and iron as well as many of the B vitamins. It also contains a fair bit of phosphorus, selenium, manganese and zinc, as well as vitamins A, C, E & G, and mucilage, algin, mannitol, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, and volatile oils. Interestingly, the proportions of its chemical components, especially that of iodine, vary greatly according to both locality and season. They are indeed most abundant at the end of June, when bladderwrack is most commonly collected.
From a medicinal perspective, bladderwrack has long been prized to soothe irritated and inflamed tissues in the body. Because of its particularly high content in alginic acid, a type of dietary fiber that helps relieve constipation, it was also historically used as a bulk-forming laxative, as well as to help counter obesity, due to its stimulation of the thyroid gland. Today, bladderwrack is used first and foremost to help treat thyroid disorders including underactive thyroid (myxedema), goiter, and iodine deficiency in general. It is also often included in protocols for arthritis, joint pain, arteriosclerosis, digestive disorders, heartburn, blood cleansing, bronchitis, emphysema, urinary tract disorders and anxiety. Other uses include boosting the immune system, increasing energy and reducing celllulite. Bladderwrack has also shown to be of considerable value in balancing lipid levels associated with obesity - especially when obesity is directly related to thyroid dysfunction.
Finally, bladderwrack is of considerable value to help prevent the thyroid from absorbing cancer-causing radioactive iodine in the event of nuclear disasters. In such instances, the organic iodine in bladderwrack binds with, and saturates the thyroid glands' receptors, thus preventing radioactive iodine from doing the same. Of course this constitutes a short term solution to a much larger problem, but also an extremely effective one.
New areas of research have indicated the use of bladderwrack as a chemoprotective, anti-tumor agent, anticoagulant, and estrogen-lowering agent, though further research is required in each of these areas, to elucidate the potential medicinal value.


Flaxseed, ginger and licorice, along with many other plants and supplements can be used in combination with bladderwrack to help stimulate and support the thyroid gland and relieve symptoms associated with thyroid dysfunction. Nettle, black walnut and evening primrose also combines exceedingly well with bladderwrack to help stimulate the production of thyroid hormones. Finally, other classic thyroid supportives include ashwagandha and L-Tyrosine.


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