If all the wines are not born equal, the same goes for phytotherapy products. Thus, BIO-Vega products are distinguished by: 

  1. The care with which raw materials are selected;
  2. The wide variety of plants and natural substances used in the compositions;
  3. The extraction methods which isolate the plant’s sought properties, increase their concentration and thus ensure a maximum efficiency of the products.


But above all, the great distinction of BIO-Vega products lies in the exclusivity of its recipes strongly influenced by the ancient traditions of Chinese as well as Oriental medicine, and in the variety and finesse of the methods of extraction of the active elements of plants and natural substances. The art consists in extracting the desired properties from the plants to combine them with the properties of the other plants. The specific extraction methods applied to selected plants make it possible to liberate, in a dominant manner, the substances containing the characteristics sought for a given recipe.

The process starts with the plant, which is harvested at a specific time of its growth according to the specific qualities sought. Moreover, the time of harvest is also dependent on the part of the plant that will be used (leaf, bark, fruit, flower, root, shoot). The collection of plants intended for phytotherapy must be very precise, some plants must be harvested at night, at a specific season, not forgetting that the phases of the moon also come into consideration.

Next comes the treatment of the plant, most often BIO-Vega uses dried plants. The drying is carried out according to various methods depending on the active principle sought. Sun drying is the most common, plants are deposited on mulch and exposed during the day in the sun and returned at night. Mulch retains sufficient moisture to allow gradual drying. Some plants or the obtaining of certain active ingredients require drying in the shade, the plants are then arranged on racks inside. These methods make it possible to preserve the properties of the various constituents of the plants, in particular the antibiotic and enzymatic principles, which they contain.

Some preparations use the plants directly, which are then crushed or pulverized to be incorporated into the compositions. However, it is more common to use extracts. The extraction methods of BIO-Vega are inspired both by traditional methods and by spagyric, which proceeds by fermentation, distillation and calcinations.

Maceration in vegetable oil is one of the practices we prefer to extract the virtues of dried and fresh plants (some plants lose their properties during drying).

Steam distillation is also widely used to extract active ingredients, which will be combined (in the form of distillate) with the dried plants, which will be soaked in it. Distillation also makes it possible to treat non-soluble products such as natural resins and gums. The resulting distillates are free of alcohol.

The residues of the distillation are recovered in order to be calcined: it is the calcination. This process makes it possible to extract the mineral salts and trace elements from the plants and substances used in distillation. These compounds are added and dissolved in the distillates, which increases their complexity and effectiveness.

The methods of production of the components of phytotherapy makes the relationship with the vineyard more obvious: mulch, clays, drying, maceration, fermentation, distillation, are all processes common to both universes.

Finally, for a final comparison between the worlds of wine and phytotherapy, it is the wish that we address each other: To your health!



Product quality is the overarching concern of all aspects of manufacturing at BIO-Vega. It is how we ensure product reliability for the consumer — and how we meet or exceed all Health Canada standards for purity and concentration.

Raw materials arriving at our lab are placed in quarantine until laboratory analyses have verified that they meet specific criteria. Once released, they can be used for the encapsulation of a product, always under tightly controlled procedures to avoid contamination with other materials.

The finished product is then placed under quarantine while extensive analyses are performed. No product leaves our lab. before proving it meets its label’s claims regarding quantity and concentration, and is free of any contaminants, from bacteria to heavy metals.

These steps follow a strict course of action and comply with Health Canada guidelines. Together, they are your assurance of BIO-Vega quality.



 BIO-Vega is a Canadian (Quebec) Natural Health Products company.

The year 2004 marked a turning point in the field of natural products. Health Canada brought in new regulations, which were much, more restricting. The purpose was to make sure that consumers obtain safe, efficient and high quality natural products. “BIO-Vega production methods meet the requirements of the good manufacturing practices (GMP) mentioned in the Health Canada regulations.


We produce nearly 65 natural health products, which are of course available through our website.

Our mission; offer high quality natural health products to help you heal yourself and stay naturally healthy.


BIO-Vega, is proud of its dynamic and competent team ensuring the quality of manufactured products. The activities are controlled through standard operating procedures. All production steps are verified, ensuring compliance and product integrity. Our customers can be assured that the products they receive are of the highest quality, result of work carried out carefully by all members of our team. 

Certification: Conscious of the environment, BIO-Vega meets the eligibility requirements of Ecocert Canada and is part of a program for sustainable development. Each year, our company receives visits from inspectors to confirm Organic standards are met. BIO-Vega is proud of the hard work performed by its employees to obtain the Health Canada license. The implementation of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) was carried out efficiently since the company already fulfilled the requested requirements.


Our products undergo testing for:


  •  Identity
    To identify an ingredient is to ensure that the ingredient matches the species it is claimed to be; for example, this is borage oil seed and no other seed. Our testing always ensures that the ingredient matches the label.


  • Potency
    To confirm the potency of an ingredient is to ensure the ingredient is at the strength it is claimed to be; for example, grape seed will keep, contain, and meet the 95% proanthocyanidins label claim.


  •  Oxidation
    Some products can go rancid with time. Our oxidation testing absolutely ensures our products maintain the highest levels of quality and freshness, as well as the lowest level of peroxide, all the way through to expiration.


  •  Disintegration
    Capsules, softgels, and tablets must dissolve in the stomach; on the other hand, enteric-coated capsules, such as those of Acidophilus Ultra, must only dissolve in the intestines. Our disintegration testing mimics the human digestive system to ensure all products dissolve at the right place and at the right time.


  • Liquid products

Liquid products are easily processed and absorbed by the body. BIO-Vega adds a few mg of cellulose, magnesium stearate or other similar agents to its tablets and capsules to maximize absorbtion of the active ingredients by the body.


  •  Purity
    To establish the purity of an ingredient is to test for freedom from contaminants. These contaminants include: 
    • Heavy Metals
    • Over 80 different pesticides, total PCBs, Solvent residues
    • Aflatxins, Mycotoxins, Dioxins, Microbial contamination