Sales Terms


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Products: The products are made from plants and natural substances free from pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The capsules are plant origin capsules and finally, we were able to offer you products completely free of excipients. And a 375mg capsule contains 375mg of plants that constitute the active ingredient of the product. The products are composed and assembled in our facilities in Québec where the packaging is also made before being shipped to our customers worldwide.


Our objective: Customer satisfaction and wellness. We firmly believe in the efficiency of our products, however the efficiency depends a lot on the preciseness of the initial diagnosis, on following closely the product instructions and, at last, on the normal period of time required for a treatment to take effect.

That is why our company’s customer satisfaction policies are based on "plain and simple common sense". We will discuss any complain that is done in good faith provided that good faith is reciprocal, the settlement can be the replacement of a product by another one more adapted to the situation, a simple refund, or a credit for a subsequent order. Since our objective is your satisfaction and wellness, we are interested in knowing the reasons and motivations causing your dissatisfaction about our products. Is it caused by the interpretation of the characteristics of our products, or an erroneous diagnosis?

Whatever the reason might be, let us know at, please make sure that you provide us with your invoice number.


Purchases on our Internet webstore: As soon as you complete an order on our website, an e-mail confirmation is sent to you at the e-mail address that you provided. This message contains the order reference number, the ordered products and components, your billing and delivery addresses.

A second confirmation email is sent to you by the Bank, the secure payment entity, this message is the proof of payment of your order.

Languages: In case of reclamations due to errors or interpretations in translations, the content in the French version is the reference.

Transactions by credit card: Accepted Credit cards are VISA and MasterCard. The bank, a secure payment company, makes the secure payment. The transaction is charged on the date of your order on our website.


Product shipping / time to destination / tariffs


Orders Delivery: Orders are shipped by the postal to France, the EU and Switzerland; 90% of the customer’s orders are received within 4 days. The shipping costs of 6.00 € constitute a participation in the shipping costs.


Some customers prefer a delivery by Courier Service; they make the request by writing a comment to this effect accompanying their order. The shipping costs remain the same at 6.00 €, however the delivery delays are as follows (we have no control over the postal  nor the Courier delays).


Orders to countries outside the EU and Switzerland are shipped via the Postal Service.


 Postal Tariffs : Euros €         Cost  Days to destination